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  Поликлиника №2
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Cosmetology services

Waxing (from 4.50 to 14.00 BYN), cleansing (from 3.00 to 7.00 BYN), chemical peeling (from 15.00 BYN), electro-redicoulously benign skin tumors (from 5.00 to 11.00 BYN), correction of functional wrinkles by medication based on botulinum toxin (from 30.00 to 55.00 BYN), cryomassage (from 2.00 BYN)

Plastic aesthetic surgery

Blepharoplasty (from 280.00 BYN), otoplasty by reducing the recesses and formation of protionamide (from 209.00 BYN), mammoplasty (from 355.00 BYN), abdominoplasty (from 730.00 BYN), removal of benign tumors of the skin, subcutaneous tissue (from 78.00 to 306.00 BYN), liposuction (from 230.00 BYN)

Reflexotherapy services

Classical acupuncture (from 16.00 BYN), puncture hirudotherapy (from 20.00 BYN)

Physiotherapy services

Electrotherapy (from 4.50 to 13.50 BYN), light therapy (from 4.60 to 13.00 BYN), laser therapy (from 4.50 to 13.50 BYN), inhalation therapy (from 4.60 to 5.50 BYN), halotherapy, speleotherapy (from 11.73 BYN), balneotherapy (from 6.00 to 13.00 BYN), paraffin, ozocerite applications (12.00 BYN), applications of sapropel mud (13.00 BYN)

Physiotherapy, massage

Gymnastics aimed at correcting the figure (from 2.00 to 11.00 BYN), hippotherapy (9.73 BYN), all types of massage including massage with stones, balls (stone therapy) (2.37 BYN), anti-cellulite massage (bamboo brooms) (2.37 BYN), creole massage (bamboo sticks) (2.37 BYN)


A session of hyperbaric oxygenation (29.73 BYN)

Endoscopic methods of research

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy on the video endoscopy system (36.53 BYN), rectoscopy (18.24 BYN), rectosigmocolonoscopy (79.22 BYN)

Functional methods of investigation

Electrocardiographic studies (from 11.00 to 19.00 BYN), holter monitoring (57.13 BYN), veloergometry (36.71 BYN), electroencephalography (9.66 BYN)

X-ray methods of research

X-ray examination of the breast (from 10.00 to 14.40 BYN), radiography, fluoroscopy (all types) (from 6.05. to 45.96 BYN), metrosalpingography (45.96 BYN), x-ray computed tomography (from 59.40 to 120.00 BYN)

Ultrasonic methods

Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity (from 7.80 to 26.00 BYN), heart ultrasound (23.10 BYN), ultrasound of the urogenital system (from 5.00 to 26.00 BYN), thyroid ultrasound (10.39 BYN), breast ultrasound (13.14 BYN), ultrasonic dopplerography of vessels of the upper and lower konusnosti (from 15.00 to 21.00 BYN)

Laboratory methods

Determination of hormones (from 20.00 BYN), determination of tumor markers (26.00 BYN), syphilis (from 24.00 BYN), Helicobacter Pylori in the blood (from 21.00 BYN), Giardia in the feces (18.24 BYN), ferritin in the blood (from 23.00 BYN), the study spermatogramma (45.00 BYN), determination of the lipoprotein spectrum (from 20.00 BYN), glycated hemoglobin (25.00 BYN), staging of cutaneous allergodil, determination of antibodies to cyclic peptide (from 33.00 BYN)

Ophthalmologic services

Consultation of the ophthalmologist (17.96 BYN), examination of the visual fields (perimetry) (11.63 BYN), examination of the anterior segment of the eye using a slit lamp (biomicroscopy) (5.81 BYN), measurement of intraocular pressure (tonometry) (9.05 BYN), refractometry (11.61 BYN), ophthalmoscopy Examination of the fundus) (11.61 BYN), biomicroscopy of the fundus (6.35 BYN)

Otorhinolaryngological services

Consultation with the otorhinolaryngologist (16.87 BYN), washing of the external auditory canal (3.96 BYN), removal of the sulfur plug, audiometry (10.54 BYN), im portansometry (16.70 BYN), washing of the lacunae of the tonsils (11.20 BYN)

Dental services

Dentistry ( from 75.00 to 170.00 BYN)

Services in obstetrics and gynecology

Obstetrics (520.00 BYN), colpocytology (from 8.00 to 50.00 BYN), hysteroscopy (from 74.00 to 83.00 BYN), laparoscopic surgery (cautery and the intersection of the fallopian tubes (sterilization) (260.00 BYN), psychophysiological preparation for childbirth (121.90 BYN), individual care in the obstetric department (12.30 BYN for 1 hour), medical abortion (132.00 BYN), vacuum-mini-abortion (69.00 BYN), medical abortion (140.00 BYN), gynecological massage ( from 12.15 BYN)

Psychotherapeutic and narcological help

Provision of psychotherapeutic assistance to citizens anonymously, treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (from 51.60 BYN), treatment of tobacco smoking (from 46.00 to 113.00 BYN), examination for establishing the use of alcohol, narcotics and toxic drugs and state of intoxication (13.61 BYN), relief of alcohol withdrawal syndrome

All kinds of medical examinations

Medical examination of applicants for work, study, for obtaining permission to purchase weapons, medical examination for admission to the management of vehicles, registration of residence permits (from 30.00 to 120.00 BYN)

Surgical and traumatological services

Operative and conservative treatment (from 150.00 BYN)

Extracorporeal ultraviolet irradiation of blood

Laser blood irradiation over the vein, ultraviolet blood irradiation (from 18.00 to 33.00 BYN)

Dermatological services

Treatment and diagnostics of sexually transmitted infections, provide assistance dermatovenereologic anonymously (from 50.00 BYN)

Consultations of medical specialists

Consultations of doctors of therapeutic and surgical profile (from 11.85 to 14.92 BYN)



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